Köpenickerstrasse 70, Mitte, Berlin, Germany



Upcoming parties at Tresor

Happening: Tresor.Klubnacht with Levon Vincent, Adam X, Joey Anderson feat Levon Vincent, Joey Anderson, Deniro, Machino, Adam X and more

25 September: Tresor New Faces feat Isnt, Aetha, Kaltès, Miss Italia

30 September: House of Waxx feat De Ambassade, Eluize, Juliano

Past parties at Tresor

Wednesday: Tresor New Faces feat Miragliotta, SLV, Dinamite, Miss Italia

14 September: Tresor Meets Deep in the Box feat Daniel Bell, Franco Cinelli, Greener, Barbara Preisinger, Bloody Mary and more

11 September: Tresor New Faces feat Ruben Montesco, Trainee, Artik

7 September: Tresor.Klubnacht with Joel Mull, Jonas Kopp, Delta Funktionen feat KEITA SANO, Delta Funktionen, A Sagittariun, Joel Mull, Jonas Kopp and more

6 September: Tresor.Klubnacht with Ancient Methods, DJ Skurge, Ansome feat DJ Skurge, Jacob Park, Ancient Methods, Ansome, Manni Dee and more

4 September: Tresor New Faces feat Emika Elena, Milo Raad, Mario Berger, Goldenaxe

2 September: House of Waxx feat Sarj, Sanni Est, Nathalie Capello

26 August: House of Waxx feat Sammy Dee, Jakob Seidensticker, Wareika

24 August: Tresor.Klubnacht feat Merino

23 August: Tresor.Klubnacht with Surgeon, Randomer, Cardopusher feat Cardopusher, Handmade, Surgeon, Randomer, Koehler and more

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