Köpenickerstrasse 70, Mitte, Berlin, Germany



Upcoming parties at Tresor

Today: House of Waxx feat Purveyors of Fine Funk, Dan Curtin, Arttu, Robert Drewek

Wednesday: Tresor New Faces feat Hertz Collision, Mario Berger, Goldenaxe

Friday: Grounded Theory 40 with Rrose, Cio D'or, SHXCXCHCXSH, Paleman, Pablo Mateo & Twin Peaks feat Rrose, Cio D'Or, SHXCXCHCXSH, Pablo Mateo, Paleman and more

Saturday: Tresor.Klubnacht feat Luke Hess, Roman Lindau, Kenneth Christiansen, Pacou, Dj Deep and more

26 March: House of Waxx feat Sarj, Elissa Suckdog, Gigsta

28 March: Tresor New Faces feat Unconscious, Peal, Verschwender

29 March: Ambient Ensemble feat Anika, Lady Starlight, Obi Blanche, Sky Deep

30 March: Tresor Invites Juan Atkins feat Juan Atkins, Mario Berger, TAG, Jus-Ed

31 March: Tresor x 15 YRS AD Sound feat Steve Rachmad, Heiko Laux, Vince Watson, The Advent, Alexander Kowalski and more

2 April: House of Waxx feat Felix Reifenberg

Past parties at Tresor

17 March: Tresor Meets Deep In The Box feat Russ Gabriel, Marc Schneider, Barbara Preisinger, Marc Fm, Leiras and more

16 March: Tresor Meets Drone feat Aux 88, Eric Cloutier, Magda El Bayoumi, Arpanet, Richard Fearless and more

14 March: Tresor New Faces feat RE_P, Briain, Marcus

12 March: House of Waxx feat Mad Max, Sub Dealers

11 March: Herrensauna feat December, Mønic, Linda Lazarov, Excell, MCMLXXXV

10 March: Tresor.27 x All You Need Is Ears feat Donato Dozzy, Marco Shuttle, RYBA, Robert Leiner, Unit Moebius and more

9 March: Tresor Pres. No Way Back 10th Anniversary feat Carlos Souffront, BMG, Derek Plaslaiko, Erika, Patrick Russell and more

7 March: Tresor New Faces feat Matt Lush, Filiz, Mareena

5 March: House of Waxx feat Alexkid, Okain, Giammarco Orsini

3 March: Tresor.Klubnacht feat Fred P, Sandrien, Titia, Sleeparchive, Stephanie Sykes and more

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