Via Giovanni Battista Sammartini 30, Milano, Italy



Upcoming parties at Tunnel

Friday: Folamour - Adventures at Tunnel Club feat Folamour, Al Jones, HAUSMANN (IT)

Saturday: Take it Easy 8 Years Celebration feat Bugsy, DJLMP

27 January: Take it Easy with Matthew Dear aka Audion, DJLMP feat Audion, DJLMP

Past parties at Tunnel

23 December: Take it Easy with Louie Vega, DJLMP feat Louie Vega, DJLMP

22 December: Reibu Xmas Rave feat Kunda

15 December: Secretsundaze feat Secretsundaze, Giles Smith, James Priestley, Fabio Monesi

7 December: Shanti Celeste - Adventures at Tunnel Club feat Shanti Celeste, Kingsizebed, James Falco

2 December: Take it Easy with Jeremy Underground, Dirty Channels feat Jeremy Underground, Dirty Channels

1 December: REIBU レイブ Pres. Laurine & Cecilio (Slow Life) feat Laurine, Cecilio, Kunda

25 November: Take it Easy with Palms Trax, Jayda G, Bugsy feat Palms Trax, Jayda G, Bugsy

24 November: Roots: Spencer Paker feat Spencer Parker

28 October: Take it Easy - Francesco Tristano Live, Bugsy feat Francesco Tristano, Bugsy

21 October: Take it Easy - Joe Claussell, Djlmp feat Joe Claussell, DJLMP

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