Falckensteinstrasse 49, Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany



Upcoming parties at Watergate

Wednesday: Mittwoch: Hawaii feat Nicolas Lutz, Kennedy Smith, Cedric Maison, Samuel Thalmann

Thursday: Thursdate: La Maison feat Mike Shannon, Janina, Assal

Friday: Sebo K's Scenario X 30 yrs Rex Club feat Delano Smith, Jeremy Underground, Sebo K, Traumer, Jan Ketel and more

Saturday: Nachtklub feat Gregor Tresher, Fabio Florido, Hito, Heartthrob, Dennis Kuhl

28 March: Mittwoch: Ewax Invites with Janeret, Lee Burton & More feat Janeret, Lee Burton, Maik Yells, SY (DE)

29 March: Diynamic feat Kollektiv Turmstrasse, Undercatt, Magit Cacoon, Andy Bros, Karmon and more

30 March: Drumcode feat Alan Fitzpatrick, Bart Skils, Enrico Sangiuliano, Layton Giordani, Kevin de Vries

31 March: Rise feat Osunlade, Floyd Lavine, Hyenah, Dede, Walter Vinyl

5 April: Thursdate: Impress x Solstice feat Dorian Paic, Giuliano Lomonte, Marco Effe

6 April: Marco Carola feat Marco Carola, Bill Patrick, Archie Hamilton, Rossko, Jimi Jules

Past parties at Watergate

17 March: Mobilee feat Audiofly, SIS, M.E.M.O., Wareika, Jade and more

16 March: Watergate Night feat Sebastian Mullaert, La Fleur, Matthias Meyer, Jimi Jules, Patlac

15 March: Thursdate Absurd feat Oliver Huntemann

14 March: Mittwoch: Unison Wax feat Seven Davis Jr, Diego Krause, Ricardo Esposito

11 March: Bewegungsfreiheit#11 feat Don Williams, Credit 00, Anja Zaube, Giraffi Dog, DJ Disko and more

10 March: Nachtklub feat Omar S, Session Victim, Handmade, Stassy, Lewin Paul and more

9 March: Tryland feat Julian Jeweil, The Reason Y, Leon Licht, Marvin Hey, Dimo Kyrmanidis and more

8 March: Magdalena Invites Tim Engelhardt feat Magdalena, Tim Engelhardt

7 March: Circle Session IV feat Black Loops, Carlo, Ruff Stuff

3 March: Fatboy Slim feat Fatboy Slim, Mat.Joe, Shir Khan, Joshua Jesse, Gunnar Stiller and more