32-37 Cowper Street, London, United Kingdom



Upcoming parties at XOYO

Happening: 2014 Forest Hills Drive: J.cole - an Orchestral Rendition feat

Tomorrow: Andy C Residency feat Andy C, Shy FX, Benny L, Shimon, Tonn Piper and more

Saturday: Pleasurehood: Optimo feat

28 February: The College Dropout: an Orchestral Rendition feat

1 March: Andy C Residency feat Andy C, Camo & Krooked, Harriet Jaxxon, Tonn Piper, Daxta

2 March: DJ Joey Negro feat DJ Joey Negro

5 March: The Notorious B.i.g - an Orchestral Rendition of Ready To Die feat

7 March: Earthgang feat Earthgang

8 March: Andy C Residency feat Andy C, Doc Scott, Need For Mirrors, Tonn Piper

9 March: Pleasurehood: House and Disco Every Saturday feat Joe Goddard, Joshua James (UK)

Past parties at XOYO

Wednesday: Take Care: an Orchestral Rendition of Drake feat

Tuesday: Sneak Every Tuesday with Feels International feat Mister Blaqk, Divalvi

16 February: Chaos In the CBD & Folamour feat

15 February: Andy C Residency feat Andy C, Mefjus, Culture Shock, Tonn Piper

14 February: Kaleem Taylor feat Kaleem Taylor

12 February: Abba Gold feat Abba Gold

9 February: House Gospel Soundsystem: Frankie Knuckles Special feat

8 February: Andy C Residency feat Andy C, Turno, Tonn Piper, IC3

6 February: A Tribe Called Red feat A Tribe Called Red, Narcy

5 February: Orchestra Orange: a Live Rendition of Frank Ocean feat

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