Synesthesie BY Molecule: Francesco Tristano Live, Thierry Arnold, Theo Muller


  • Francesco Tristano Барселона, Испания

    Barcelona-based Francesco Tristano is establishing himself as one of the most original and eclectic musicians of his generation. Trained as a classical pianist and having recorded a number of classical albums, Francesco broke new ground with 'Not for piano', the album that launched the French label inFine in 2007, containing his compositions as well as acclaimed piano versions of Detroit techno classics of 'Strings of life' and 'The bells'. Francesco teamed up with Detroit's own Carl Craig for a remix o...
  • Théo Muller Париж, Франция

    Dj @ La Machine du Moulin Rouge / Midi Deux
  • Molécule Париж, Франция

    The Paris based producer and head of Mille Feuilles Label, Molécule, has been called "the pioneer of nomadic electronic music" in France after his last two transmedia and meta-sonic projects 60°43’Nord and -22.7°C.