SLAY X Live Art



levels 1 & 2, 239 Lonsdale Street, VIC 3000, Melbourne, Australia


Event details

This month we're bringing a whole new definition to the term SLAY as we team up with our friends at Live Art, for a night of music, fashion and art. To celebrate the release of their new unisex range, we're showcasing the collection with a fashion installation, live music, deejays, art displays by Nicolette 'Sydney' Worth, giveaways, drink specials and did we mention free champagne on arrival?! (Before 9pm) Live music from Sophie Grophy and deejays Louella Deville, MAIIAM, Sofie Roze and Rui Baptistai delivering all your hip hop, trap, rap and R&B needs. It's free entry all night bbys, 7pm till Late. Save the date, tell your friends and let's SLAY them all! Ferdydurke level 1 & 2 31 Tattersalls Lane, Melbourne 300. About Live Art ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Live Art is a clothing line that embodies designer Sydney The Artist’s illustrations, artworks, girl power and love for Hip Hop. It is a brand that carries a message about promoting positive empowerment, social awareness and the idea that you are the canvas, a living piece of art and that by being positive, inspiring and empowering yourself and others you "Wear the Crown". The Live Art brand lives by the idea that the clothing you wear is artwork; therefor they do not mass-produce their pieces. Each item usually has a maximum of 50 units, keeping the clothing limited and exclusive. As a brand they aim to keep the customer in limited pieces, like an artwork with a series of prints. Most items are made in Australia by Sydney The Artist.