Doppler: Chiara Kickdrum, Hyper Binary + Residents


  • Chiara Kickdrum Brisbane, Australia

    Born and raised in Torino, Italy, Chiara is a Melbourne-based composer, DJ and musician. Her artistic appreciation and blend of music disciplines allow her to produce an eclectic range of musical outcomes. Classically trained in piano in Italy and later exposed to electronic music after moving to Melbourne in 2004, Chiara has since moved into a well respected position in the Melbourne Techno mo..
  • Hyper Binary Brisbane, Australia

    Two brothers engaged in collaborative practice. Joey, forces movement through his driving and abstract take on Techno. Yanni draws the movement out of people, providing sounds coloured with psychedelia and mysticism.
  • PWD Brisbane, Australia

  • Paul Lynch London, United Kingdom

    Upfront Progressive, Tech House and Techno sublimely mixed with a passion for perfection and driving an energetic tempo on the dance floor. This is the sound of Paul Lynch, an up and coming DJ from London UK. Paul's thoroughly modern take on the ma..
  • Josh Wain Brisbane, Australia

    House & Techno DJ from Melbourne, Australia.

Revolver Upstairs

229 Chapel St, Prahran, Melbourne, Australia


Revolver is divided into 2 rooms, depending on what time you go. The backroom is open 24 hrs on the weekend with grungey lounges providing a student sharehouse vibe that comes alive with the weird characters often seen at Revolver

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