Rauschen wit Adana Twins, Kevin de Vries, Echonomist, Moonwalk, Justin Massei


  • Adana Twins Hamburg, Germany

    Straight outta “Hamburg house city”, Adana Twins helped secure their home’s reputation for deep grooves with a series of early EPs that have made them among the most buzz-worthy acts to emerge from the German media capital
  • Kevin de Vries Berlin, Germany

    music is the future.
  • Echonomist Athens, Greece

    It is not easy for an artist to stay creative while keeping productive. This is the main focus for Petros Manganaris (aka Echonomist) who is active since late 90's under numerous aliases. His diverse musical styles place him amongst the most prolific producers whether electronic, dance or abstract. His elaborate performances cover the whole dance spectrum meeting international acclaim and the reception for his dj sets is often welcomed with excitement. It is all about devotion to the sound and a restless qu
  • Justin Massei Berlin, Germany

    A clustered mass of atoms, shelled around a form of consciousness, Justin Massei is awake, aware, and at the same time lost between what’s abstract and the concrete walls of Berlin.


Falckensteinstrasse 49, Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany


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