Alex Metric

Alex Metric London, United Kingdom

It’s all about the song for Alex Metric. Whether it’s an original track, a remix or producing a band, there has to be a personal connection. If he doesn’t feel it, why would anyone else. “It’s always about making something with real emotion,” says the 28-year-old DJ from London. “My core philosophy is to do whatever’s right for the song and to try and make it have some meaning to me. I put so much love into everything I do.”

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16 March: Alex Metric (UK) @ Roxy, Prague, Czech Republic

15 March: Vitalic Live @ Electric Brixton, London, United Kingdom

15 December: Fridays at EGG: Cassius & Alex Metric @ Egg London, London, United Kingdom

1 September: Fridays at EGG: Cassius, Alex Metric, More TBA @ Egg London, London, United Kingdom

15 January: Digitalism + Alex Metric + Andre Bratten @ XOYO, London, United Kingdom