Alienata Berlin, Germany

It all started in 2000 and since then this mysterious ladylike lifeform has dedicated herself to learning & analyzing sound in all of its forms: Obsessive Analogy, Microloops coming from any source (even including fridge's plug), IDM, Dubby, Dark Disco, IDM, endless Miles Davis songs, Jakbeat, Analogic Deep Textures, Sexual Dark Experimental Hybrids,Cosmic rhythm and beautiful Aquatic Dark Electro tracks. In this small biography you'll read about some of unforgettable moments this lady went through

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12 April: Tresor.Klubnacht @ Tresor, Berlin, Germany

3 May: Discos Atónicos @ Berghain, Berlin, Germany

18 March: Maze #2 with Convextion, Simo Cell & Alienata @ Rex Club, Paris, France

5 February: CTM 2016 @ Berghain, Berlin, Germany