Andrew Weatherall

Andrew Weatherall London, United Kingdom

Famed DJ, producer and remixer, who has worked in and shown enthusiasm for a wide variety of genres. Previously ran Sabres Of Paradise and Emissions Audio Output

Tour dates

Upcoming parties with Andrew Weatherall

31 December: Oval Space x The Pickle Factory NYE @ Oval Space, London, United Kingdom

Past parties with Andrew Weatherall

17 November - 19 November: Strawberry Fields 2017 @ Strawberry Fields Festival Grounds, Sydney, Australia

26 October: Sister Midnight @ Robert-Johnson, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

18 August: Andrew Weatherall [Open-to-Close] - Hooked with Sarah Myers & Friends - Philco - Chris Felinski @ Flash, Washington D.C, United States

3 December: Heidi presents The Jackathon: Andrew Weatherall @ Showcase, Paris, France

20 May: A Love From Outer Space: Andrew Weatherall & Sean Johnston @ Badaboum, Paris, France

30 April: Andrew Weatherall "Convenanza" Japan Tour @ Womb, Tokyo, Japan

12 February: Sunset Sound System presents: An Evening with Andrew Weatherall @ Mighty, San Francisco, United States

9 January: Andrew Weatherall + Jmii Live @ Mondo, Madrid, Spain

22 August: Xoyo 3rd Birthday: Bicep + Andrew Weatherall + Mr.Ties + Room 2: Nd_baumecker (3 Hour Set) @ XOYO, London, United Kingdom

26 June: Concrete: Andrew Weatherall All Night Long @ Concrete, Paris, France