ATEQ Berlin, Germany

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30 November: Fuse presents: KiNK, ATEQ & Molly @ Fuse, Brussels, Belgium

20 January: Giegling: Edward live! + Dj Dustin + ATEQ + Dj Fra @ Nitsa, Barcelona, Spain

1 April: Planet Giegling @ Berghain, Berlin, Germany

28 August: <span class="title">Giegling Night: Kettenkarussell Live, Ateq, Konstantin<span></a> </h1><p class="counter"><span>11</span> Att @ Fuse, Brussels, Belgium

20 August: Concrete [Giegling]: Kettenkarussell, Ateq, Konstantin, Sapa, Dustin ,Leafar Legov, Elli+Chriso @ Concrete, Paris, France

29 January: CTM 2016 @ Berghain, Berlin, Germany

20 November: Giegling @ Robert-Johnson, Frankfurt am Main, Germany