Alex From Tokyo

Alex From Tokyo Ibiza, Spain

Paris born, Tokyo raised NYC based international eclectic french DJ, producer and international co-ordinator. Having lived in Tokyo more than 20 years since he was a kid, he has developed into one of the strongest crossover DJ's in Tokyo and also became a key person connecting the world and Japan (F Communications Japan representative, Mr.Bongo/Disorient Japan, Yellow Productions/Bossa Tres Jazz project co-ordinator etc.). Now based in New York from 2004. Alex has been playing regularly all around the

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14 October: Home Invasion Avec Alex From Tokyo + New Jackson @ Badaboum, Paris, France

Saturday: Deeply Rooted: Call Super, Alex From Tokyo, Sergie Rezza Live, DJ Deep @ Rex Club, Paris, France

28 August: Sundays on The Roof - Gerd Janson/ Jimpster/ Alex From Tokyo @ Output, New York City, United States