Alex Stein

Alex Stein São Paulo, Brazil

Tour dates

Upcoming parties with Alex Stein

11 June: DARK Melbourne @ Pica (Port Melbourne Industrial Centre For The Arts), Melbourne, Australia

12 June: Dark Sydney @ Manning Bar, Sydney, Australia

Past parties with Alex Stein

12 February: LUFT @ Port Melbourne Industrial Precinct, Melbourne, Australia

29 November: Ritter Rodeo @ Ritter Butzke, Berlin, Germany

22 November: Alex Stein (Brazil) @ Brown Alley, Melbourne, Australia

16 November: LUFT 2019 @ Coburg Velodrome, Melbourne, Australia

1 November: We Are The Brave with Alan Fitzpatrick, Reset Robot, Alex Stein, Ronnie Spiteri and More @ Watergate, Berlin, Germany

9 June: EGG LDN Pres: Oliver Huntemann, Alex Stein & Luther Vine @ Egg London, London, United Kingdom

2 December: LUFT @ Central Pier, Melbourne, Australia

30 November - 2 December: Subsonic Music Presents Subsonic Music Festival 2018 Celebrating 10 Years Of Magic Moments. @ Riverwood Downs, Sydney, Australia

4 February: Alex Stein (Brazil) - Day Party @ The Penny Black, Melbourne, Australia

26 January - 29 January: Rainbow Serpent Festival 2018 @ Rainbow Serpent Festival, Melbourne, Australia